May 17, 2010

Luta Livre Seminars - World Tour

Hello Everyone,
I am trying my best to spread the Luta Livre around the world. So, i decided to accept some invitations to do some seminars after November (i`m too busy until there), trying to take Luta Livre to some other countries. If you live in one of the following countries would be great to have you in one of my seminars where i will try my best to make you addicted to Luta Livre as i am. I`m still sorting out other places as Italy, France, Holland, Poland and USA so i will be updating the seminars list from time to time:

Luta Livre Seminars:


07th - Holland (Schagen)

09th to 18th - Slovakia (Levoka)

22nd to 28th - Switzerland (Basel)

28th - Germany (Muelheim)

30th - Germany (Kiel)

31st - Israel (Bersheba)


01st to 05th - Israel (Bersheba)

06th to 10th - Italy (Rome)

11th to 12th - Italy (Milan)

12th to 14th - Portugal (Lisbon)

20th to 23rd - Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)

27th to 29th - Brazil (Balneario Camboriu)

For further informations just write a e-mail to:

All the best!!!


Anonymous said...

hello marcelo'm from Argentina and luta livre practical and wanted to ask how many hours and days per week is recommended practice to achieve a good level and improve

Marcelo Brigadeiro said...

Hello my friend,
Thanks for posting...
Well, its a hard question because it depends on each person, but what i can say is my experience..i used to train 4 hours of Luta Livre per day, 6 days per week...

All the best