July 19, 2010

Ninja won his first international fight!!!

Last saturday my student Juliano Ninja, that has been training in Liverpool with me and Colin for the last few weeks, had his first international fight. It was in Northampton at the "Shoot N Sprawl" show. Ninja fought very well, doing exactly what we had trained for this fight. He won by submission (RNC) in the 1 round. i am very happy with this result.

Luta Livre baby!!!

July 16, 2010

My interview on fullmount.co.uk

This is my interview with the fullmount.co.uk

On this video i talk about my team and about Luta Livre of course!!!!


My interview on ukmmanews.com

Hi guys,

That`s my interview on ukmmanews.com where i speak a bit about myself, kaobon and the mission of spreading Luta Livre across UK.


All the best everyone.

Seminar in Middlesbrough and Sunderland.

Hi guys,
Last weekend i went to Middlesbrough and Sunderland to do some seminars.
In Middlesbrough i was on Team Redemption`s gym and the seminar was great, the guys there are so nice and talented that i felt very pleased to be there. The following day i went to the Spartan`s Gym in Sunderland and the atmosphere was great, everyone was very cool and i could notice that the fighters there were very good too.
At the end of the weekend i came back to Liverpool very happy because i was able to spread Luta Livre and make a lot of new friends.

Thanks to everyone that attended to my seminars!!!

July 08, 2010

Another brazilian student is here to train with me.

One of my students from Brazil just arrived for 5 weeks of training with me and Colin at Kaobon. Juliano "Ninja" is a BJJ Black Belt and a Luta Livre purple belt. He got a very good ground game and will improve even more now. He is a crazy guy tho!!!